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Serving people virtually from sea to shining sea.

We all have a unique purpose!  You only get this one life to live it.  A single choice can change the course.  Believe you still have a choice to be of good health.  A healthy life where each day begins with the energy to move, the clarity to think, and the imagination to create.

Beautiful healing, to a life of freedom.

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"He died from a broken heart."

- NOT just a metaphor -

Trauma, grief, disappointment, bumps, bruises, exposure to certain elements, drugs, habits…all contribute to layer upon layer of dis-ease and broken down health.  Homeopathy has the ability to turn back the clock, not literally (gosh, I wish) and go back to the moments in time where damage began and continues, that ‘Never Well Since’ becomes a key question in the Homeopathic journey.

Homeopathy unlocks the blockages and opens up a life to breathe freely, lightly, and deeply.

3 steps towards life and wellness

New Clients this will give us a chance to meet and for you to ask any questions pertaining to Homeopathic treatment.

A 1-2 hour session where I listen and ask questions to discover the remedy that echoes your present state; mind, body, and soul.  The journey to wellness begins…

Depth of dis-ease will determine how many follow ups are necessary.  Schedule a Follow Up Consultation 4-6 weeks after First Consult.  It is a journey!

As a Homeopath and healer, I would never want to deny anybody care due to finances.  If finances are an issue for you, please reach out to me at

Kind message from a Dear Client

“Tanja listens to the problems very patiently and treats with great dedication. Most recently she helped me through labour, selecting remedies to assist me through the process based on my symptoms.  Tanja has helped me with my daughters. Treating them with issues such as gas, jealousy of a new sibling, etc.

Thank you Tanja, very grateful.”

– Amanda

Tanja Schnapp

Classical Homeopath, DIHom
Former Nurse
Certified Aromatherapist
Lifetime Student

I welcome you to my online Homeopathic Clinic.  This is where the journey to beautiful healing begins.  I am here to listen to your story, study your unique symptoms, and prescribe a homeopathic medicine that echoes you in this precious moment of your life.  My calm, present, faithful nature helps hopeless, tired, dis-eased, and doubtful clients reach a restoration of health that leaves them in the midsts of awe and wonder.

Have Faith.  Be Patient.  Homeopathy Heals.

Tanja Schnapp

Have faith that there is another way to be free from dis-ease. Homeopathy opens a safe way to healing when many other methods have failed you.

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Gently and faithfully guiding each person to a life of renewal, strength, and clarity using the medicine that is Homeopathy.  Healing one life at a time from South Surrey / White Rock, BC, Canada.

Beautiful healing, to a life of freedom.


I am a Classical Homeopath and not a Medical Doctor.  I do not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  As a client, it is your personal right and responsibility to make educated choices for yourself and your family.  Homeopathy does not intend to replace consultations with your doctor or healthcare professional, or to replace diagnosis or treatment.  The role of the Homeopath requires a comprehensive understanding of a person’s life and medical history and prescribes on the basis to promote and enhance our body’s natural ability to heal.