Taking the path less traveled opened my eyes to the possibilities of Homeopathy, and brought me hope to a hopeless situation.

I am so excited that you would love to learn more about me and my journey.  Ultimately, my journey is really all about YOU and how I have made it my purpose to open a way to healing when other ways may have failed, or maybe you had no other way.  Homeopathy is a  unique methodology that works with the beat of your own drum and not the beat of everyone else’s.

Come with me, as you discover how my life’s journey of Adventure, Faith, and Homeopathy has inspired and called me to become a part of your journey to a life of health, healing, and happiness.

Your path has lead you here for a reason.

It did not matter where life took me. Homeopathy was my calling and there was no escaping it. From the whirlwind that was India, to the cobblestones of France, and right back to my true North home of Canada. God called me to be a Homeopath. So after 30 years of twists and turns, I finally got quiet enough to listen and hear His calling.

For anyone who loves a story!

Grab a cup of decaf, tea, wine, whatever your preference and choose a destination or keep on scrolling, either way you will discover my journey.

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Blessed By Homeopathy and an Elephant in India.

Picture this…debilitating menstrual cramps, my monthly Advil dose has gone missing, and I’m in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language, never mind how to translate the word Advil equivalent into anything coherent.

Crawled into a rickshaw, a motorized contraption with 3 wheels, no doors, no windows.  Bustling from pharmacy to pharmacy to no avail.  Randomly notice a sign ‘Homeopath’.

15 min consult, a tincture, and 20 some odd years later and I have never suffered from another menstrual cramp since.  You wanna hear about the elephant?  More details about that in my Blog…



I was living a very vagabond lifestyle in my 20s.  Lost, no direction, confused about who I was and what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life.

One fearless day, I found myself on a plane heading to France with no destination in particular.  Long story short…worked at an Irish pub, met my husband, and had a set of twins.

When my daughter was a few months old she started developing cysts under her right upper eye lid, so I took her to a medical doctor in France, who happened to also be a Homeopath.

He gave my daughter homeopathic remedies, not drugs or surgical removal, but remedies… and voilà, the cysts were gone.  15 years later they have not returned.

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My True North to Home and Homeopathy.

On returning from France with 15 month old twins in tow, I became a Nurse, was diagnosed with Lupus, survived through a separation, and found Jesus.

Sitting in the office of my Rheumatologist, after my Lupus diagnosis, listening to what was to be my life long drug protocol, I found my purpose.  There was another way for me!

I found myself a Homeopath, enrolled in the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy to study under renown Homeopath Prof. George Vithoulkas, and became a graduate of Classical Homeopathy and one of the few Canadian IACH diploma holders.

Homeopathy and my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who guided me every step of the way, were my hope and way to a life free from medications and now I may bring this hope and healing to YOU.

Gently and faithfully guiding each person to a life of renewal, strength, and clarity using the medicine that is Homeopathy.  Healing one life at a time from South Surrey / White Rock, BC, Canada.

Beautiful healing, to a life of freedom.


I am a Classical Homeopath and not a Medical Doctor.  I do not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  As a client, it is your personal right and responsibility to make educated choices for yourself and your family.  Homeopathy does not intend to replace consultations with your doctor or healthcare professional, or to replace diagnosis or treatment.  The role of the Homeopath requires a comprehensive understanding of a person’s life and medical history and prescribes on the basis to promote and enhance our body’s natural ability to heal.