with Tanja Schnapp, DIHom, PN

A Drug-Free alternative that treats an individual as a whole and not individual parts.  Gently, Effectively, and Naturally.

Hi, I'm Tanja!

As a Classical Homeopath I work with my clients to help restore health, so they may live out their God-given purpose...a life free from dis-ease with the freedom to breathe, move, and live.

You see, there is a safer way to health that has stood the test of time through perseverance and its undeniable healing effect. Homeopathy has opened a way to healing when many other ways have failed. I journey with my clients on a path to restoration of strength in body, clarity of mind, and freedom to create who they were created to BE.

"Homeopathy brings the broken pieces back together and the person becomes a whole."
- Professor George Vithoulkas

What is Homeopathy?

Are you feeling hopeless and debilitated by your health concerns?

When we suffer with dis-ease, whether it be anxiety, pain, unruly digestion, fears, depression, angst...anything where there is an imbalance physically, mentally, or emotionally we are unable to live our lives to the fullest.

Homeopathy gives our body the ability to heal itself at a cellular level. It strengthens the force behind what keeps our heart beating, neurons firing, and lungs breathing to bring our whole being into a state of harmony and balance.

Allowing us to get up, put our feet on the ground, and greet each day with a sense of wonder and joy of what the day may bring and all the possibilities that are waiting for us.

Discover how we may work together using Homeopathy to bring health and healing.

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“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

– Hippocrates, Father of Medicine

A Kind Message from a Dear Client
“I was so very limited and weak, facing and anticipating death. Now I feel like I am living miraculously in increasing strength and quality of life. I sense an awakening of such hopefulness gratefulness and the awe of such an alternative way to consider healing…Truly I am learning reverence for the Homeopathy you have trained for and it’s astonishing effectiveness. Without a doubt in the time of my most vulnerable condition you graciously introduced me to the love of your life, Homeopathy, and ever so gently wooed me to life and wellness… “
– Cheryle L.

Homeopathic Wonders

The Truth.

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The truth is Homeopathy is a medicine that needs your hopes, dreams, fears, and habits in order to come to the correct prescription.

We enter this world as a carefully woven together entity comprised of mind, body and emotions and not individual parts.  Thus we should not be treated as separate parts, but a WHOLE.

The Key.

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YOU are the key!  It is not about your disease or diagnosis, but YOUR unique symptoms and how you experience them. 

As a Homeopath we focus on the idiosyncrasies of each individual person.  Whether it be throbbing pain on the top of the head, forgetting your words as you speak, feeling happy after a poop…the weirder the symptoms the happier a Homeopath will be!

The Force.

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There is a lot of mystery entangled in the healing power of Homeopathy.  I always hesitate on using the word “energy medicine”, as we often cannot see beyond our own nose.

Imagine this…a world with no gravity, a world with no sound, no light, and a world without the POWER of magnetism that holds it all in place.  Do you grasp the importance of energy…WONDERFUL!  Onto the healing!

We are only given one life to live. Wouldn't you love to greet each given day with a pep in your step, a song in your heart, and peace in your mind?! Nope this isn't a Disney, just the beauty of healing with Homeopathy.

A life of renewal, strength, and clarity!

It's not magic, it's the Law of Nature.

Healing with Homeopathy seems like magic at times, but it is very much a science and follows universal laws and principles of Life and Motion and not mere experiments/experience.

We are living in a fast paced world, the quickening as some would call it. Though Homeopathy does work miracles, the majority of the time, especially with Chronic issues, it takes time, patience, and perseverance.  With the end results being a sense of Wonder, Joy, and Peace.  Are you ready to embark on this journey to healing?

"Life is the power which runs the human automobile, and he who would run it successfully and be able to adjust and repair it when things go wrong must know the nature and laws of that power."
- Stuart Close

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My journey

You know what the secret to life and youth is… greet each day with a purpose!  My purpose is to help heal you mind, body, and soul to enable a life lived with renewed strength, clarity, and joy.  It’s all about increasing quality of life to my client’s days and not quantity of days to their years.  One thing my travels, life, and nursing have taught me is that in life, quality always trumps quantity.

Seeing the loneliness and slow deterioration of health of my patients was heartbreaking.  As a nurse I felt I was very limited in the spectrum of service that I could give each patient.  Each milestone in life has lead me to here, serving others as a Homeopath.

Gently and faithfully guiding each person to a life of renewal, strength, and clarity using the medicine that is Homeopathy.  Healing one life at a time from South Surrey / White Rock, BC, Canada.

Beautiful healing, to a life of freedom.


I am a Classical Homeopath and not a Medical Doctor.  I do not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  As a client, it is your personal right and responsibility to make educated choices for yourself and your family.  Homeopathy does not intend to replace consultations with your doctor or healthcare professional, or to replace diagnosis or treatment.  The role of the Homeopath requires a comprehensive understanding of a person’s life and medical history and prescribes on the basis to promote and enhance our body’s natural ability to heal.